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Brassall Child Care Centre

Baby Room

Our baby room caters for children 6 weeks – 24 months with up to 8 children each day. To develop children’s’ self-help skills, self-settling at transition times and rest time, to assist with social development, communication development through the use of songs and books, fine and gross motor skills.

Brassall Child Care Centre

Toddler Room

Our Toddler Room caters for children aged 15 months to 2.5 years with up to 10 children each day. In the toddler room the children are encouraged to express and develop their independence in all areas and also respect for their peers and educators.

Brassall Child Care Centre

Junior Kindy Room

Our Junior Kindy Room caters for children aged 2 years to 3.5 years with up to 10 children each day. In the JK Room we focus on developing and enhancing skills that will allow them to grow and mature through participating in small and large group activities including group times, art & craft, construction, puzzles, home corner and fine & gross motor activities.

Brassall Child Care Centre

Pre Prep Room

Our Pre Prep Room caters for children aged 3-5 years with up to 22 children each day. The Pre Prep Room is facilitated by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher along with Diploma qualified Early Childhood Educators. In partnership we plan and implement curriculum plans which incorporate a balance of play based learning and intentional teaching practices. The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines combined with the Early Years Learning Framework and the children’s emerging interests guides us to create rich learning experiences which promote positive dispositions towards learning.

Our Qld Government Kindergarten program allows children to learn school readiness skills and life experiences such as Cooking, excursions, numeracy, literacy and scientific skills. The children are also encouraged to complete self-help tasks with support from educators. These self-help tasks include toileting, changing own clothes after wet play, packing up after play, organising their belongings and making healthy choices at meal times. We are committed to ensuring the children in our care are confident, happy, active learners whom are starting their journey to become lifelong learners.